Dead In Love, a movie I wrote the soundtrack for, is now free to watch online

Posted: November 19, 2010 in free, movies, music, news, recommended, videos
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That’s right, the amazing indie movie Dead In Love, written & directed by Chris Watson, can now be viewed online totally free. There’s no catch or anything, Chris just wanted to put it out there for as many people to see it as possible.

I wrote the original soundtrack for this movie so please make sure to go give it a watch…it’s a great movie & I’m very proud to be part of it. After you’ve watched it, please rate & review it to help spread the word of this cool indie flick.

Watch it at one of the following sites:

As well as my original music, the movie also contains great tracks from the likes of Blake Collins, Matthew Gaydos, The Tranquil, Santa Carla, Bob Simpson & The Capsules, so if you like what you hear then please support indie music by grabbing a copy of the soundtrack from one of the following places:

CD Baby / Amazon / iTunes

  1. So pleased you liked the movie, I will let the director know…the snow is an option in WordPress, can’t remember where it is, have a dig round & you should find it.

  2. Hey Tony! I FINALLY watched this movie, I really enjoyed it!! And I loved your music, of course!! Nice score, very befitting of the movie. Your film scores always rock!!

    PS: How did you make it snow on your page? ;p lol

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