As you’ve probably already read right here on my website, I’ve been involved, from a musical point of view, in Jason Scott’s amazing documentary GET LAMP. Four pieces of my music appears in the final release as well as two tracks from my band Flesh-Resonance.

Zoe Blade, a UK composer, also contributed a lot of music to the project as well. If you haven’t already heard her work, then please check it out at

Anyway, Jason released GET LAMP under the Creative Commons licence as has Zoe with her latest album (mostly music that features in GET LAMP) entitled Hello Calm. Totally inspired by this, I’ve decided to do something similar & release a free EP featuring all the tracks that appear in the documentary. Called ‘The Mind Electric – a selection of music from GET LAMP’ you can download it for free right here…


There’s also a groovy EP cover to go with it featuring the photography of Tayab Iqbal. Make sure to have a look at his other amazing work here

  1. Thanks Dave, glad you’re enjoying…make sure to share it with your friends 🙂

  2. Dave Ross says:

    Thanks for releasing this, Tony. It’s the perfect music for a relaxing Sunday morning. \

  3. […] Tony’s compiled the half-dozen tracks I used and creative commons licensed them.  Check it out, and also check out the rest of his work – I only used a tiny sliver of many great albums of […]

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