AtmosFEAR! and Scare Kingdom Scream Park 2010

Posted: August 9, 2010 in horror, music, news, recommended
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For the past 6 months I’ve been busy working on music for AtmosFEAR! For those unfamiliar with their work, AtmosFEAR! is a UK company that specialises in all things scary. From frightening street theatre to Halloween theme parks, these guys are the UK leaders in the spectacle of the macabre. They’ve been in the business for 10 years so they really do know what they’re doing. Take a visit to their website to learn more

A lot of the music I’ve written for them will be appearing at Scare Kingdom Scream Park, probably the most frightening Halloween event in the country. If you visit the event this October you’ll be able to hear my music in the various haunted houses & other assorted attractions. Take a look at what’s in store

And on top of all that, AtmosFEAR! will be releasing numerous music CDs over the next few years under the Sinister Symphonies banner featuring my work. These CDs are aimed at the scare industry, being high energy and high tension pieces written specifically to get the adrenalin pumping. More details on these releases will follow soon.

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