New exclusive music on my Facebook fan page

Posted: February 15, 2010 in free, music, news, photos, videos
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I recently set up a Facebook fan page for my dark alternative music. It contains a whole load of goodies including a wide selection of my music, photos & videos. I’m really pleased that I’ve now hit 100 fans & counting.

If you’re on Facebook then make sure to get on over to…

& subscribe to my page. I’ve just uploaded a snippet of a piece of music called ‘Kaoss’ that will feature on a future album that I wrote with my good friend & author, Neil Davies – you won’t hear it anywhere else at the moment, just Facebook, so it’s well worth signing up because there’s plenty more exclusive bits & bobs to come in the future.

If you’re already signed up & think any of your friends would appreciate my work, then please recommend them to my site by using the ‘suggest to friends’ link – let’s spread my music like a disease !!!!

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